BEGO GmbH & Co. KG

PMMA Splint E

Milling blanks made of BEGO PMMA Splint E are characterized by a

thermoplastic flexibility with thermal memory effect. Due to the industrial

production process the highest material homogeneity is achieved,

which guarantees outstanding long-term stability. The use of CAD/CAM

technology also ensures a safe process because mixing errors (e. g. by

hand mixing) are eliminated. This results in a highly precise adaptation

to the dental bite situation and an exceptional, tension-free comfort

for the patient. Furthermore, the self-adjusting bite splint is extremely

fracture-proof and has a high optical transparency.

• High and precise adaptation to the dental bite situation

• Exceptional, tension-free functional comfort for the patient by thermal memory effect

• Self-adjusting

• Extremely fracture-proof

• High optical transparency

  • Category
  • REF
  • Item name
    PMMA Splint E
  • Content/amount
    1 Blank
  • Density g/cm³
    1,1 g/cm³
  • Product description
    Thermoplastic milling blank, 20mm with shoulder