BEGO GmbH & Co. KG


Wirovest®plus – Enhanced version of Wirovest® partial denture investment material

  • Wirovest®plus offers the benefits of extended working time and universal suitability for duplication within all conceivable areas of indication
  • Wirovest®plus is a partial denture investment material which achieves excellent accuracy of fit with a wide range of duplication techniques and working parameters
  • Extended working time enables fabrication of several models and moulds in a single working step, thus saving time
  • Very smooth surfaces ensure equally smooth casting results
  • Precise duplicate models with high edge strength make for easy modelling and exactly fitting castings, without the need for timeconsuming finishing
  • The good deflasking properties reduce the effort required in deflasking and simplify the cleaning of the cast object
  • Qualified for conventional casting of plotted CAD/Cast®-frames
  • BegoSol® Mixing liquid for simple expansion control

  • Category
  • REF
  • Item name
  • Compressive strength
    18 MPa
  • Setting time (vicat-time)
    ca. 6 min
  • Product description
    Partial denture investment material
  • Flowability
    120 mm
  • Linear thermal expansion
    1,1 %
  • Content/amount
    18 kg (45 x 400 g bag)
  • Shelf life
    24 Monat[e]
  • Processing time at 22°C
    3:15 min