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BellaStar XL

BellaStar XL – The premium investment material for crowns and bridges

  • Extremely fine-grained with an excellent accuracy of fit
  • Ideal for precious-metal alloys, but also well suited for nonprecious alloys in many indications
  • BellaStar XL is suitable for rapid or conventional heating and the insertion temperature can be the same as the final temperature
  • Thin-to-creamy consistency and optimal flow properties allow problem-free filling of even the finest model details
  • Fine-grained raw materials make for extremely smooth and precise cast surfaces
  • The casting mould can be fabricated with a fixed ring or without a ring, and the mould sizes can be freely selected
  • Outstanding deflasking properties make it easier to remove the investment material. This saves time and emphasises the balanced application properties
  • BellaStar XL stands for flexibility and trusted, reliable and fatigue-free processing with superb precision
  • Reliable expansion control for excellent fit results thanks to BegoSol® K special liquid

  • Category
  • REF
  • Item name
    BellaStar XL
  • Shelf life
    24 Monat[e]
  • Processing time at 22°C
    ca. 3:30 min
  • Product description
    Premium investment material for crowns & bridges
  • Flowability
    135 mm
  • Compressive strength
    5,5 MPa
  • Content/amount
    12.8 kg (80 x 160 g bag)
  • Linear thermal expansion
    1,1 %
  • Setting time (vicat-time)
    7:30 min