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Adapta deep-drawing system

  • Simple and fast deep-drawing of copings
  • Reasonably priced system which has been proven over many years with special plastic foils
  • A uniform minimum wall thickness ensures a high level of stability in the copings
  • Ideal for the double-crown technique; coated with milling wax, the Adapta coping offers a high level of protection against inadvertent milling through
  • The thin 0.1 mm spacer foil, which is used as part of the system, frees up the necessary, defined space for the luting material

  • Set contains:
  • 1 Forming tub with Adapta mastic
  • 1 Spare pack Adapta mastic
  • 1 Foil holder
  • 100 Adapta foils, 0.6 mm in foil dispenser
  • 1 Pack, 100 Adapta foils, 0.6 mm
  • 200 Adapta foils, 0.1 mm red, in foil dispenser

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    Adapta deep-drawing system
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    Complete set